Our company has been develop- ing cutting-edge BWTS solutions and has set the standard for effective ballast water treatment with superior operational read- iness, build quality and ease of use. Now, HSI is one of the top makers in Greece in quality and sales with a significant number of contracted and installed systems. Long-term co-operation and com- mitments to customers/operators are proven by large fleet agreements signed up with prestigious shipping companies.

The system is engineered into the vessel as a component during the vessel’s design. The designer considers the space and power requirements from the beginning, which makes the final installation relatively easy. The possibilities for adapting the vessel are normally large, so the choice of ballast water treatment system is less consequential from an installation perspective, even if the cost and complexity may vary. The installation time is a period of months, which leaves room for adjustments and correc- tions if anything is done wrong from the beginning.

Installing a ballast water treat- ment system on an existing vessel was not considered during the original construction of most vessels, and as a result, there is no dedicated space for the new system. This means that the installation needs to be adapted to existing circumstances on board. High flexibility, thorough preparation and strong cooperation from all partners are all necessary for a successful retrofit.


Commissioning Testing of Ballast Water Management System

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