As a result of the partnership of professionals bearing more than 50 years of experience in the field, Hellenic Shipbuilding Industries was created with a sole purpose: to provide complete shipbuilding services, carrying out the initiation and the completion of the project we have been assigned to.

From the initial planning, design and licensing, up to the construction and completion of the project, the company works with consistency, dedication and passion so that the final result fully meets the highest quality standards, with utmost respect for the customer’s schedule and vision. Our company is now able to build fully customized ships, reasonably priced and timely delivered. We provide complete mechanical equipment and high-tech robotic system for conducting new construction ships and industrial plants.

Hellenic Shipbuilding Industrys’ shipbuilding facility is something that probably cannot be found anywhere else in the Greece. With a high level of automation and new production technologies ranging from welding robots, HSI offers a number of advantages: greater productivity gains, reduced building times and, above all, superb ship quality.


Commissioning Testing of Ballast Water Management System

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